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Why I'm Running


I know we can do better for the schools, students, teachers, and families in our district.

As a business leader and active community member for almost two decades, I want to build a county with a thriving public education system. As a parent of a middle schooler, I have a personal stake in the education and support we offer our children. I am running because I want to propel academic achievement for all students. I am running because I want to remove barriers for our teachers. I am running because we need to rebuild trust in our schools.

Our future is our children, and they need real-world skills to be successful in school and in life. Along with core competencies, we need to foster effective communicators, innovative thinkers and problem-solvers, and caring individuals.

I am committed to being an advocate and partner with our students, parents, educators, and community leaders across all South Santa Clara County. Schools should be centers of our community.




Natalie Prcevski is a parent, a business leader, and an active community member. As a mother in the public school system, she knows what’s at stake in this election. The education and support we offer our children will determine their future success and well-being.

Over the course of Natalie’s career, she has held positions across the US in leadership roles for major tech companies. In those roles, she has managed teams and driven the financial success and well-being of those organizations. Rooted in the community, she is a frequent volunteer in schools, with local sports organizations, and at town events. From championing Project Cornerstone in elementary to Career Days at the local high school, she is out there for the kids. Local soccer, baseball, and tennis teams keep her busy advocating for health, sportsmanship, and community involvement all over South County.

Natalie is the mom of a middle schooler. She was previously a member of the Charter School of Morgan Hill school board and is the current Secretary of the Charter School Foundation nonprofit.

Natalie is running to serve on the Santa Clara County Board of Education because she believes our public schools should be a beacon of excellence.


“It’s important to me that we are inclusive, fair, present in the moment and listening to ALL students.”


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Propelling Student Achievement

  • Across the county, for ALL schools, for ALL kids. They deserve the opportunity to move forward; this includes our struggling learners and our accelerated learners too.

  • We need to remove barriers to achievement; let’s help our teachers teach and leaders lead and remove the obstacles in their way.


Creating Healthy Environments

  • Mental health awareness and support is fore front post pandemic because we all have experienced a tough couple years

  • It’s been on teaching staff too; let’s empower them with the resources they need to feel supported and be successful

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Rebuilding Trust


  • It’s imperative schools and parents together help lay the foundation for our students to navigate the evolving and complex world before us.

  • This can only be done with an independent voice for families; I am a product of public school. My child is in public school.

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